drug checking

Drug Testing

Consumption of drugs always brings certain risks, especially in the case of untested and unresearched NPS. But there are things you can do to reduce the chances of having unwanted consequences of your NPS use. One of these things is making sure you know as much as possible about your drugs.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is not available in Finland.
The A-Clinic Foundation´s Muunto project aims to clarify the suitability of any testing service in Finland and the legislation that is required to start operations. Some countries in Europe offer the possibility to have your drugs legally tested by a laboratory. This can be done anonymously and for a small fee, or in some cases free of charge. However, this is not recommended as the tests are unreliable. Sometimes, onsite drug checking services are offered at events in Europe. The testing here, however, is less thorough than laboratory tests.

Test kits

Test kits used at home can be bought online in certain webshops and through certain organisations, but these are unreliable and therefore not recommended. Test kits show whether some specific drugs are present in your product. A difficulty is that the test kit can only verify the presence of a limited number of drugs. It will not be possible to accurately detect all possible substances. Also, a test kit cannot tell you the dosage of the active ingredients. Consuming a dosage that turns out to be too high puts you at serious heightened risk of a range of negative health consequences.

Online databases

There are some websites that report on tested drugs, so that you can look up your product in an online database. But you will have to rely solely on the outer look of your product! It cannot be verified whether for a pill you bought that has the same color and logo as a pill in one of the databases actually contains the same ingredients or dosages. So, great caution is required.