It is not always easy to track your own drug use, but it can be very useful and enlightening to record what and when you use. You may become aware of the circumstances when you use, which may increase your understanding of your drug use. Research data show that keeping a journal of use alone can already help you reduce your drug use.  If drug use causes you difficulties/disadvantages it may be very useful to become aware of the triggers that are leading you to use: what kind of situations or environments you are more inclined to use drugs? With whom are you more inclined to use drugs? And so on.
Therefore, using a diary can be a good idea.  This is the same diary as the one used in the intervention modules. However, it is a separate diary and you can use it independently and individually. This is how you can monitor your own use for as long as you want to get a picture of your own habits.
You can either use the diary from this website or download an application from App Store/Play Store.
Important:  If you decide later that you want to register any of the web-based interventions, and the diary is already in use, you can either include the information contained in the diary with you, so it is availabe during the intervention, or you can start a new diary, in which case the old diary content will be removed.